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Legislative Update

Download and read the latest U.S. legislative update from CCL’s Legislative Director Danny Richter. Included in the latest update: the March REMI briefing in D.C. and information on similar bills that were resubmitted this year.

This week on CCLU: National Security and Climate Change

What are the connections between national security and climate change and how we can leverage those to influence policymakers?

Bob Hallahan

Bob Hallahan is a retired Navy Commander and Aviator whose 23 years of service included five deployments to hot spots throughout the Pacific, the Arabian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He holds a BS in Natural Science from the University of Notre Dame and an MA in National Security from the U.S. Naval War College. He is the group leader of the Whidbey Island, Washington CCL chapter.


New YouTube Channel and Google+ Page

Calling all Climate Heroes! CCL needs you to subscribe to CCL’s new YouTube channel and follow our new Google+ Page.

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Immediate Action Request – Thank Senators for Climate Change Votes

Most of you have probably heard about yesterday’s (Jan 21) votes in the Senate on Amendments to the Keystone XL Pipeline bill that included language on climate change.

Now is the perfect chance to contact your senator and thank them for their votes in support of climate change.

More details and instructions here.

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REMI briefings draw overflow crowds on Capitol Hill

REMI-senate-briefing-LRAt 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, when the briefing for the REMI study on CCL’s fee-and-dividend proposal was supposed to start, a line of Senate staffers was stretched out the door. With a smile, I turned to CCL Membership Coordinator Susan Higgins and said, “We’re gonna need a bigger room.”

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