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Welcome phrase in different languages. Word clouds concept. Community is the private volunteer portal providing members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby with group pages for each chapter, discussion forumsmember profiles, personal file storage and volunteer resources.

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US Reaches Climate Deal with China as CCL Heads to Capitol Hill

Please see CCL’s blog for the story and CCL’s take on what this means for our efforts to put a clear, transparent price on carbon with full revenue return to American households.

“The significance of this deal cannot be overstated. It provides tremendous momentum for the global process to reach an international agreement on climate change in Paris next year. From CCL’s standpoint, the timing could not be better, coming as it does less than a week from the day we meet with House and Senate offices.”

The New CCL Logo and Website

In case you missed it CCL’s main website has a new look and we have a new logo which you can download from Community’s CCL Graphics page.  We’ve got updates to brochures, intro call flyers, signup sheets and other printed materials coming soon.

Square CCL logo

Square CCL logo











November National Call

In case you missed it you can now catch a recording of the November national call.

Reaching out to Grasstops

Dear Amazing CCL Volunteers,

We are a group of courageous, big-thinking volunteers and we are making great strides towards the passage of carbon fee and dividend legislation and solving climate change because of your incredible work.

As we continue to think BIG, some of us are going to be motivated to reach out to various leaders who could contribute significantly to our work, either financially or by adding their name to our cause.  (see grasstops) People like Sir Richard Branson, Suzie Tompkins Buell, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, former Senator Snowe, etc.

Great! This could be a huge boost to our work and we want to make sure we are coordinating efforts. Before you initiate contact with someone who is well known publicly, please send an email to partners@citizensclimatelobby.org.  That way we can let you  know if you are the first to approach, or if there is an effort already underway to which you could contribute.

Katharine Hayhoe: Climate Change Evangelist

Meet CCL Advisory Board Member and self-proclaimed Climate Change Evangelist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.