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Immediate Action Request – Thank Senators for Climate Change Votes

Most of you have probably heard about yesterday’s (Jan 21) votes in the Senate on Amendments to the Keystone XL Pipeline bill that included language on climate change.

Now is the perfect chance to contact your senator and thank them for their votes in support of climate change.

More details and instructions here.

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Immediate Action Request from CCL Headquarters

Paul_RyanThe first hearing of the new House Ways and Means Committee chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan will take place next Tuesday. We have an immediate action request for all CCL volunteers.

Intro Call Fliers Updated with New Logo

Slowly but surely we are moving through our printable materials in the resources section to update them with our new logo, font and color scheme.  Special thanks to Amy Bennett, @amy-bennett here on Community, for updating the Intro Call Flier (flyer) also known as an Admit One.

There’s a new version of the flier coming soon from the graphic designer who designed CCL’s new logo so stay tuned.

REMI briefings draw overflow crowds on Capitol Hill

REMI-senate-briefing-LRAt 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, when the briefing for the REMI study on CCL’s fee-and-dividend proposal was supposed to start, a line of Senate staffers was stretched out the door. With a smile, I turned to CCL Membership Coordinator Susan Higgins and said, “We’re gonna need a bigger room.”

Read the full story

The New CCL Logo and Website

In case you missed it CCL’s main website has a new look and we have a new logo which you can download from Community’s CCL Graphics page.  We’ve got updates to brochures, intro call flyers, signup sheets and other printed materials coming soon.

Square CCL logo

Square CCL logo

Reaching out to Grasstops

Dear Amazing CCL Volunteers,

We are a group of courageous, big-thinking volunteers and we are making great strides towards the passage of carbon fee and dividend legislation and solving climate change because of your incredible work.

As we continue to think BIG, some of us are going to be motivated to reach out to various leaders who could contribute significantly to our work, either financially or by adding their name to our cause.  (see grasstops) People like Sir Richard Branson, Suzie Tompkins Buell, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, former Senator Snowe, etc.

Great! This could be a huge boost to our work and we want to make sure we are coordinating efforts. Before you initiate contact with someone who is well known publicly, please send an email to  That way we can let you  know if you are the first to approach, or if there is an effort already underway to which you could contribute.